Submit a Nomination for the Steering Committee

The intersection of climate resilience, race, and equity is a central issue of the Climate Adaptation Forum and one that is embedded in the discussion at each Forum. Because of the importance of this issue, it is critical to increase the diversity of perspectives on our Steering Committee.

The Climate Adaptation Forum is hoping to diversify and increase the size of our steering committee with enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated professionals committed to volunteering their time to provide cutting-edge thought leadership through the organization and execution of quarterly forums.

The nomination period closed on December 31, 2020.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Forum Organizers and
members of the Steering Committee.

About the Climate Adaptation Forum

Adaptation to climate change has emerged as an essential and permanent topic for professional, academic, government and public discussion.

Civil engineers, architects, building owners, real estate investors, insurers, planners, environmental regulators, transportation providers, emergency responders, public health providers, and many others are grappling with how to incorporate the evident need for adaptation and resilience into much of what they do. Academia is also deepening its involvement with this most important and fascinating set of public policy issues.

The Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) and the Sustainable Solutions Lab at the University of Massachusetts Boston have collaborated to establish a quarterly series of half-day Climate Adaptation Forums that provide cutting-edge thought leadership on adaptation to climate change for environmental and energy professionals, policy makers, municipal officials, NGOs, and practitioners.

These quarterly forums address everything from infrastructure and design solutions to communication challenges and barriers to implementation to policy solutions to the nexus of climate and equity. Local, national and global speakers represent forward-thinking institutions, global firms, academia, government and other high-level practitioners.

About the Climate Adaptation Forum Steering Committee

The Climate Adaptation Forum Steering Committee was established to provide thought leadership on the identification of critical issues impacting climate adaptation. Critical issues identified by the Steering Committee and Forum Organizers become the topics of the quarterly events.

The Climate Adaptation Forum Steering Committee is made up of stakeholders and experts in the areas of climate adaptation and resilience. Steering Committee members are selected from nonprofit organizations, municipal, state, and federal agencies, the academic community, and private industry. The Forum Organizers are committed to a Steering Committee that represents the diverse perspectives of all climate adaptation stakeholders.

Responsibilities of Steering Committee Members:

  • Attend steering committee meetings – the steering committee meets a minimum of twice a year with the Forum Organizers to identify topics for future events and provide feedback on the operation of the Forum.
  • Promote Forum events – steering committee members are encouraged to promote forum events through their networks.
  • Co-Chair Forum events – steering committee members will occasionally take on the role of Forum Co-Chair to organize and moderate an event.
  • Facilitate breakout discussions – steering committee members are expected to assist with facilitating virtual breakout rooms for any event they are attending.
  • Respond to surveys and calls for feedback – steering committee members are occasionally asked to respond to surveys or provide feedback outside of the semi-annual committee meeting.

Each Steering Committee Member serves a 3-year term with a maximum total length of service of six consecutive years.