Climate Adaptation Forum Overview

Adaptation to climate change has emerged as an essential and permanent topic for professional, academic, government and public discussion.

Engineers, architects, property owners, insurers, planners, environmental regulators, critical infrastructure owners, emergency responders, community organizations, public health providers, policymakers, attorneys, and many others are grappling with how to incorporate the evident need for adaptation and resilience into much of what they do. Research institutions of all types have been informing action and policy to address this complex issue.

This growing body of experience and expertise in adaptation is not widely disseminated either within or across the traditional silos that define professions, disciplines and practices. The Climate Adaptation Forum has stepped in as a regular, ongoing opportunity for adaptation professionals from various fields to meet and cross-pollinate ideas and share solutions to common problems.

Since 2017, the Environmental Business Council of New England and the Sustainable Solutions Lab at the University of Massachusetts Boston have collaborated to deliver a quarterly series of half-day Climate Adaptation Forums that provide cutting-edge thought leadership and networking on adaptation to climate change.

These quarterly forums address a broad array of topics. Local, national and global speakers represent forward-thinking institutions, global firms, academia, government and other high level practitioners. Join the ever-growing group of professionals working to address the challenge of climate change adaptation and resiliency at the quarterly forums.